Antioch Church Ministries

Pastor Lisa M. Lewis

Pastor Lisa M. Lewis, alongside her husband, Apostle Charles Lewis Sr., pastor Antioch Church Ministries in Bell Arthur, North Carolina.

Pastor Lewis was educated at North Carolina Central University where she received a bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education and the University of Missouri where she received her Masters of Education.  Pastor Lewis is a renowned and active leader within the ministry in addition to overseeing the Administrative Departments of the church. She is the Director of the church daycare facility and directress of the Women’s Ministry “Sister-2- Sister” where she hosts an annual Women’s Conference and Outreach Fellowship.

Pastor Lewis is a sought out speaker in the area of Women’s ministry. Many souls, women in particular, have been saved, healed and enlightened by her unique and insightful delivery of the word of God. She is full of wisdom and God has truly gifted her to deal with the issues that affect today’s women.


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