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Apostle Charles Lewis, Sr.

Charles E. Lewis –

Worship leader, evangelist, counselor, educator, author, and pastor are just some of the roles that Dr. Charles E. Lewis has been called to perform as one of God’s Elect.  Each role leading to a destiny that has span throughout the Carolinas and beyond; touched lives, bridged cultural gaps, and unveiled truths.  Dr. Lewis, a native of Goldsboro, NC, accredits his love for the church to his parents, Elder James W. Lewis, Sr. and Evangelist Eva M. Lewis (both deceased).  They instilled Godly love by example.  Dr. Lewis was nurtured in the United Holy Church and groomed in the COGIC.  His exuberance and passion for souls catapulted him into the finding of PKOK Fellowship (Possessing the Keys of the Kingdom Fellowship). PKOK is a fellowship centered on training apostolic minded ministries and leaders.  Dr. Lewis’s spontaneity in biblical worship, and his rejuvenating nature, as well as his fervent commitment to the body of Christ has caused the fellowship to grow and touch many ministries across the Eastern parts of North Carolina.pastor ~1 (3)

In 1980, Dr Lewis was united in matrimony to Lisa M. Brandon.  They have been blessed with three children.  Dr. Lewis was called to preach the gospel in 1990, and licensed in COGIC in 1991, and ordained by the Southern Convocation of the United Holy Church of America, in 1994.  In December 2009 Dr. Lewis answered the call of God to move into a Non-denominational Apostolic Ministry and the Apostolic Fatherhood to give birth to sons/daughters into the kingdom of God, nurturing a relationship through parental feeling, concern and responsibility, imparting covenant of Christ, which brings the order of God that establishes and empowers sons/daughters to maturity, preparing them to one day become fathers who will bring forth fruit, and fruit that remains.

Dr. Lewis characterizes an assignment reflective of a commitment to insure that all believers understand that they “Possess the Keys of The Kingdom of Heaven” with the power to bind and loose things for the kingdom of God.  He believes that it is with this type of impartation that Christendom receives strength to battle the enemy.

Dr. Lewis’s accomplishments include but are not limited to presently serving on the Clinical Pastoral Education Board at Pitt Memorial Hospital, Greenville, NC, instructor at Shaw University Cape Site in Greenville, NC, site coordinator for Apex School of Theology (Site-15 located at Antioch Church Ministries) and he holds a Masters of Religious Education (Shaw University), Doctorate of Biblical Worship (Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary).